Do You Crave Real Change In Your Story?

Hi, I’m Emily. Thanks so much for venturing out The Skinny Branch. You’ve arrived where skinny is in. Only here it has nothing to do with the size of your waist. Out here, skinny is a lifestyle.

Living out your story is a personal journey but it wasn’t meant to be private. Come with me & awaken your spirited nature. Rediscover adventure, passion, & confidence as you strengthen your relationships & ultimately yourself.

Let’s move beyond the modern metrics of success & define your worth not on what you do, who you love, or what you wear; but on who you are! From the bedroom to the boardroom & everything in between embrace every chapter of your story. Together, we’ll make room for more life & more love in all the grimy & glittery details.

If you crave more joy, bliss, & happiness; more time for who & what you love; and, of course, the ability to make it all fit- you’re SO in the right place. You can create real change in your life & relationships, discover how I can help!

At The Skinny Branch getting help doesn’t have to be so scary & change doesn’t have to be so hard.

Emily Green Tape Pic With Jdog